What you will learn

This is the course that will take you from being an enthusiastic Japanese language novice to a proficient and highly confident speaker.

  • Introducing yourself in Japanese, make basic positive and negative sentences and ask questions.

  • Learn to count, talk about people's age, price of objects, days of the week, months and more.

  • Talk about people's or object's characteristics, make sentences in present and past tense, use the “from ~ to” structure.

Why should you join

We have developed this course to be full of well-prepared content that you will be happy to watch but more importantly to try at home in your own free time.

  • No more wasting time on apps that lack structure. No more complicated exercises and old fashioned content. No more false starts that end up in frustration and demotivation.

  • This course has proven to be successful and will help you SPEAK, READ, and WRITE in Japanese. All the 3 skills in a single course.

  • More than 200 students have been part of our course through our live instructor lessons and their feedback has helped us shape this course to provide it with relevant content.

Meet your Instructor

Kanami Iwasaki

Hi, my name is Kanami and I am the Co-founder of Japademy. - I am a Certified Japanese Language Instructor working since 2018 as a teacher from Beginner to Advanced Levels in Australia. - I believe positive and enthusiastic lessons are essential to helping you to get to feel and know about the real Japanese culture.
Kanami Iwasaki

What our students think

Sebastian Cortes

Melbourne, Australia

Kanami and the team at Japademy have developed a great course with useful content that makes it easier to learn the language. Arigatou!

Elena Eva

Austin, USA

Great English skills!! Very easy to understand! am planning to study at Japademy at least until summer! Great way to learn Japanese from the comfort of your home!

Sam Wright

Toronto, Canada

Japademy is great and fun, their teachers will help you learn fast. I really enjoyed my lesson with Kanami, she was kind and smiled a lot and motivated me to keep learning.

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